• Pi-DAC+


    Audiophile audio for the Raspberry Pi.

    Outstanding sonic performance with variable Phono LineOut and dedicated headphone amplifier. Compatible with SonicPi.

  • Pi-DigiAMP+


    Full-HD Stereo Class D DAC and AMP for the Raspberry Pi in a single unit.

    Delivers up to 2x35watts of quality audio. Suitable for most bookshelf or larger HiFi speakers.  The perfect basis for your digital HiFi system.

  • Pi-AMP+ for Pi-DAC+


    Stereo amplifier for the Pi-DAC+, Delivers up to 2x35watts of quality audio.  

    The perfect basis for your digital HiFi system.

    Compatible with Pi-DAC+

  • Pi-DAC+ / Pi-DigiAMP+ Now Roon Labs Certified
  • Yes, we're Raspberry Pi 3 compatible
  • Pi-CASE+


    The perfect project case for Pi-DAC+ or Pi-DigiAMP+, Pi-CASE+ is suitable for both.

    Available in Smoked, Matt Black, Gloss Black and other special finishes.

Customer comments

A much better option than the Sonus product range. - Alex - 30 June 2016

Compliments on the very clever and elegant case design. - Anthony - 4 April 2016

Truly excellent product and customer service. - Nicholas - 28 March 2016

I prefer it to my $300 Headroom Overture DAC. Really phenomenal product -- thanks for making it!. - Kevin - 28 March 2016

Fantastic! just really want to thank you for an excellent product. - Lars - 25 March 2016

This is the best digital source I have used. It almost sounds like vinyl. - Matt - 3 March 2016

Great sounding DAC! Smooth highs and solid bass. Easily better than the Sabre 9023 - Alistair - 20 Feb 2016

More than lives up to expectations - Tony- 19 Feb 2016

As everyone else has mentioned, the sound quality is fantastic - Paul - 11 Feb 2016

To say I am pleased would be an understatement - the sound quality from this little DAC is simply wonderful! - Martin - January 19th 2016

I was not expecting this level of quality - Raymond- December 29th 2015

There was a rhythm and pace to the music that I had not felt before. I was high on the fidelity, moved and awestruck - Bruce- November 29th 2015

Pi-DAC+ Best Audiophile Upgrade - Wayne - October 21st 2015

Genuine high fidelity audio - Laurence - October 21st 2015

Great addition to my audio Pi family! - Mike - October 8th 2015

Pi-DAC+ audio card - perfect hifi addition to Pi  - Robert - August 14th 2015

The Best Sound per Pound possible!  - Martin - August 8th 2015

Awesome DAC for RPi synth project! - Jakub - August 6th 2015 

DAC+ AAA+ - Stuart - July 14th 2015

Probably the best audio equipment I've ever bought! - Stoyan - July 1st 2015

The best piece of audio kit I've ever bought!!! - Chris - June 5th 2015

Incredible, up there with high end hifi dac/streamers - Mark - May 30th 2015


The above review comments come from just some of our very happy customers - there's simply not enough space to list them all.