• Pi-DAC+


    Audiophile audio for the Raspberry Pi.

    Outstanding sonic performance with variable Phono LineOut and dedicated headphone amplifier. 

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  • Pi-DigiAMP+


    Full-HD Stereo Class D DAC and AMP for the Raspberry Pi in a single unit.

    Delivers up to 2x35watts of quality audio, suitable for most bookshelf or larger HiFi speakers.

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  • Pi-CASE+


    The perfect project case for Pi plus IQaudIO boards

    Available in range of finishes for Pi-DAC+, Pi-Digi+, Pi-DigiAMP+, Pi-DACZero, Pi-DACPro and Pi-AMP+

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  • Pi-AMP+ for Pi-DAC+


    Stereo amplifier for the Pi-DAC+, Delivers up to 2x35watts of quality audio.  

    The perfect basis for your digital HiFi system.

    Compatible with Pi-DAC+, Pi-DAC PRO

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  • Pi-Digi+

    *NEW* Pi-Digi+

    Optical and Electrical Digital output for the Raspberry Pi.

    Our customers asked for an IQaudIO version of this common audio card for the Pi.

    We added our normal awesome build quality and an output transformer by default.

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  • Pi-DACZero


    Audiophile audio for the Raspberry Pi Zero.

    Outstanding sonic performance with variable Phono LineOut. Optional add-on headphone amplifier. 

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Customer comments

Recently decided to move my pi with a dac+ from the livingroom to my bedroom but needed an amp, was going to go with an external device but this really puts out the power! Well more than needed to fill my room with amazing clarity sound! - Dan the Man - 16 September 2016

People at IQaudio are great too, good communication, stands behind their products, no fuss. - Dominique - 4 August 2016

I purchased the Pi-DigiAMP+ and have to say I am once again blown away by the quality these little boards can put out. - Keith - 6 July 2016

A much better option than the Sonus product range. - Alex - 30 June 2016

Compliments on the very clever and elegant case design. - Anthony - 4 April 2016

Truly excellent product and customer service. - Nicholas - 28 March 2016

I prefer it to my $300 Headroom Overture DAC. Really phenomenal product -- thanks for making it!. - Kevin - 28 March 2016

Fantastic! just really want to thank you for an excellent product. - Lars - 25 March 2016

This is the best digital source I have used. It almost sounds like vinyl. - Matt - 3 March 2016

Great sounding DAC! Smooth highs and solid bass. Easily better than the Sabre 9023 - Alistair - 20 Feb 2016

More than lives up to expectations - Tony- 19 Feb 2016

As everyone else has mentioned, the sound quality is fantastic - Paul - 11 Feb 2016

To say I am pleased would be an understatement - the sound quality from this little DAC is simply wonderful! - Martin - January 19th 2016

I was not expecting this level of quality - Raymond- December 29th 2015

There was a rhythm and pace to the music that I had not felt before. I was high on the fidelity, moved and awestruck - Bruce- November 29th 2015

Pi-DAC+ Best Audiophile Upgrade - Wayne - October 21st 2015

Genuine high fidelity audio - Laurence - October 21st 2015

Great addition to my audio Pi family! - Mike - October 8th 2015

Pi-DAC+ audio card - perfect hifi addition to Pi  - Robert - August 14th 2015

The Best Sound per Pound possible!  - Martin - August 8th 2015

Awesome DAC for RPi synth project! - Jakub - August 6th 2015 

DAC+ AAA+ - Stuart - July 14th 2015

Probably the best audio equipment I've ever bought! - Stoyan - July 1st 2015

The best piece of audio kit I've ever bought!!! - Chris - June 5th 2015

Incredible, up there with high end hifi dac/streamers - Mark - May 30th 2015


The above review comments come from just some of our very happy customers - there's simply not enough space to list them all.